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suggestion for a 1st event !

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1suggestion for a 1st event ! Empty suggestion for a 1st event ! on Fri Aug 07, 2009 12:50 am

urm first of all .. tis ish oni suggestion =x .. biggrin.gif make it or ignore it biggrin.gif its ok~
just feel forum abit quiet so make tis thread =x

rules and regulation
1)participant shall not use any 3rd programme(<.< i noe eu all wont)
2)solo or single player are not allowed in this event , in order to join make a pt of 2~4 depends hahaha
3)if any party member disconnected , that party can choose to continue or stop <3
4)and of course =x we need a few people to be the NPC for ths event hahaha
5)any r&r will be added anytime if necessary smile.gif

event !

1)every participated pt will be given a few question
2)solve this question in the selected MM (total npc in MM , mob hp , boss hp or wateva)
3)after finish gather the answer .. player gotta locate the SPECIAL NPC(hidden change everytime found =x to prevent cheating) in order to exchange the answer for quest item and a special location for the NEXT mission haha (random item hahaha)
4)find another special NPC in the given location (map) and get the question(tips*1 of the question shall be gathering a few selected dishes hahaha if eu are lucky enough to keep the selected dishes wooah .. den eu lucky kia lolz .. hmm and this time answer is based on NORMAL MAP no more MM haha >.<..
5)locate the last NPC for the BONUS QUESTION oni FEW first come party(the question is based on COMMON KNOWLEDGE BOUT DRAGONICA..internet is allowed haha)
6)and then?..end luuulz~w8 for result

*attention , time used wont be serve as the consideration for marks..so dont worry even eu are low level jz enjoy !..and chiong hahaha..

[B]marks shall be count in such way

etc. answer for X question ish 10

1~3 = 1%
4~6 = 2%
7~8 = 3%
9~9 = 4%
10(exactly) = 5%

and ty biggrin.gif the prizes >.< idk wert prize loo ~
i hope gm can consider tis event =x tis event realli rox
and tis event famed up my guild whn i was still playing cabalsea haha
btw,tis guild originally wasn't from me~
its from 1 of my guildmate(deno whether ish her idea or she copy)
still ty to her [ zHotMilkz ]

regards ,
loolz kenny a.k.a lurbie

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